Who We Are

Rainforest Talisman Property Management provide Luxury Villas in Goa for Rent.

Rainforest & Talisman Property Management (R.F.T.P.M) is a holiday rental and management business based in the state of Goa, India.

The company was formed in 2017 by 2 gentlemen who merged their strength and expertise in the fields of real-estate and property management.

Mr. Nitin GEORGE (Rainforest P.M.) and Mr. Jassin CHATTARAM (Talisman P.M.) jointly operate R.F.T.P.M. which concentrates mainly on upscale properties in the northern part of the state of Goa.

Their real-estate portfolio ranges from 3 BHK apartments to 4 BHK villas in the trendiest areas.

Their strong values, assets and skills combined with their hard-work make Rainforest & Talisman Property Management a dynamic and fast-growing leader on the holiday-rental market segment.