Common Mistakes People Make When Renting Short Term Accommodation

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When planning a holiday, accommodation is typically a major concern as you’d expect a level of comfort that matches and even exceeds your luxury at home. While there are a variety of options available at different prices in every holiday destination, not all of them match the standards they portray. And, falling for these seedy rooms is quite common if you aren’t cautious before booking your stay.

In fact, many people do not thoroughly research their accommodation choice or its provider, and this can make you wish you’d stayed home instead of heading out on vacation. Sometimes even negligence with accommodation terms and conditions can overturn a lovely holiday.

To help you avoid some basic errors that could prove to be costly and ruin your well-deserved vacation time, Rainforest & Talisman Property Management has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when renting short term accommodation.

1. Not doing a background check on the rental company.

Rent a place that does not look anything like what was promised? This mistake occurs when no background checks are done on the rental company, and picture proof of every room on the premises is not obtained. You can further save yourself from this misfortune by taking to social media platforms for ratings or recommendations from friends and relatives about the rental company and the accommodation options you are considering.

2. Not reading the terms and conditions.

Sometimes it so happens that customers do not thoroughly read the descriptions of the location and rented premises or the rules and regulations presented. This leads to false expectations and disappointment upon reaching the rented villa or apartment. It is best to carefully read all the information available to you and ask questions when unsure to avoid any miscommunication.

3. Not researching before booking.

Pay a higher cost per night than what other rental companies are offering for similar accommodation? Well, that can be prevented in the future through a bit of research. Look at the average market price by comparing different offers from different companies before confirming a booking. Also, do not forget to ask questions about taxes in case the owner or management company does not provide this information.

4. Waiting till the last minute.

Don’t wait until the last minute to book your vacation stay. Chances are, the only accommodations left will be below the expected standards. Start researching well in advance and book at the earliest to prevent disappointment.

5. Assuming the vacation accommodation will be like five-star hotel stays.

A rental company will do as much as possible to provide you with comfort and services as close to those offered at five-star hotels. However, it is not feasible to offer some of the five-star services, like a caretaker or a cleaner to cater to requests twenty-four hours a day. Clients will have to understand the difference before making a reservation.

6. Not following check-in or check-out timings.

You will face the inconvenience of a waiting period, in case you arrive earlier than the check-in time (or before the place is open and ready for business). Similarly, you may face a penalty fee if you decide to check-out late on the day of departure. We do offer early check-ins and late check-outs if and when feasible, provided the client puts in a request in advance. However, you will need to ask questions before booking a place and put in your requests early, so the management company has a chance to cater the same.

With over eight years of experience in managing properties and providing custom rental solutions for vacationers, Rainforest & Talisman Property Management is well aware of the common mistakes people make when renting short term accommodation and can help you avoid them on your next stay away from home. We also offer a variety of luxury villas in North Goa, as well as apartments in delightful gated communities, suitable for both friends and families.

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